*SCAPEmedia SCREEN: Lang Tong | 2014 | Singapore | Sam Loh| Rating: R21 (Uncut)


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Lang Tong is a 2014 Singaporean erotic thriller directed by Sam Loh. It stars William Lawandi, Angeline Yap, and Vivienne Tseng. Yap and Tseng play sisters involved in a love triangle with a serial womanizer, played by Lawandi. It premiered uncut in December 2014 at the Singapore International Film Festival and was released in Singapore on March 5, 2015.

Rating: R21 (Please note that organisers have the right to check your identification upon entry)

About Sam Loh

Sam Loh has more than 18 years of film directing experience. He began his career at Caldecott Productions directing TV commercials. Currently, he is a freelance film director who works regularly with prominent production houses that produced dramas and programs for MediaCorp. He started Outsider Pictures to make independent and original movie content for the local and international market. ‘Lang Tong’ 靓汤’– his R21 Chinese independent movie was well received and had a sold out screening at the 2014 Singapore International Film Festival. It was also screened commercially at all local cinemas in March 2015.‘Siew Lup’ ‘ ’ – his follow up to ‘Lang Tong’ and part of his femme fatale trilogy was also the first film to sold out at the 2016 Singapore International Film Festival and is slated for theatrical release on 23 Feb 2017.
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